What is a ‘dreamer’?

‘Dreamers’ are individuals, groups, organisations, or institutions that share C/Can’s commitment to improving access to quality cancer care, and are supporting their city on the journey to become a City of Tomorrow.

What is a ‘doer’?

C/Can is currently operating in 9 cities across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. These 9 ‘doer’ cities are planning and implementing sustainable cancer care solutions that respond to local needs.

Does every Dreamer become a Doer?

No. Becoming a Dreamer is the first stage of understanding the C/Can process and registering interest. The formal application process will begin in October this year.

What is a ‘City of Tomorrow’?

Watch our video and learn about the City of Tomorrow concept.

Can any city join C/Can?

Any city with a population over 1 million is eligible to apply to join City Cancer Challenge. For more information about selection criteria please consult the C/Can checklist.

What is the application process?

Cities will be invited to follow a three-stage application process beginning with an Expression of Interest form. Shortlisted cities will be invited to submit a full application, and will be subject to a transparent due diligence process.

What is the timeline for the full application process?

The C/Can application process typically takes 6 months. The application process to join C/Can’s global network will officially open on 21st October 2020. Cities will be invited to submit an online Expression of Interest before the deadline of 1 December 2020. Shortlisted candidates will be informed in January 2021 and invited to complete a “full application” form by the deadline of 1 April 2021.

Throughout April and September 2021 a robust due diligence will be conducted, which may include site visits to shortlisted cities. From May till December 2021 successful cities will be announced publicly.

Can I apply to join C/Can as an individual?

No, unfortunately individual people cannot submit an application. The submission of Expressions of Interest to the City Cancer Challenge must be led by one or more non-profit organisations. In the event that the application is being submitted by more than one organisation, one lead organisation should be designated.

Can I submit multiple applications?

As a non-profit organisation operating in several cities in your country, you may lead the application process for more than one city – however we would strongly encourage you to consult locally and agree on one city that meets the criteria, and that is well placed to share learnings and good practices with others.

Does the application cost money?

C/Can does not charge a fee at any stage of the application process. C/Can does not concern itself with information on bank accounts. Any requests for such payment or information should be refused and reported to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action and to C/Can for its information.

How do I apply to join C/Can?

See the C/Can´s Application guidance document for step- by-step instructions on how to apply (available in October). All applicants must complete the Application Form and submit their Expression of Interest through our online portal in order to have their application considered.

Is the only way to apply online? I can’t do it by mail?

Yes. All applications are made via the City of Tomorrow portal. Please do not hand in or submit any paper applications by mail or email. Also, be sure to heed our application deadlines.

Does my city only have one chance to apply?

This is currently the only opportunity in 2020/21 to apply to join the C/Can network as a City of Tomorrow. However there may be other opportunities to engage with C/Can and its network through meetings, events, resources; please sign up to our newsletter or visit the C/Can website to stay up to date on these opportunities.

How do you decide who is accepted ? What are your criteria? Or what are the criteria for selection?

C/Can’s checklist helps identify areas that might need strengthening before making an application, and also provides links to resources from organisations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to help address them. For more information please find more information on our website.

What happens when a city joins C/Can?

Once an applicant city has successfully completed the application process, and all due diligence has been completed, the city will be invited to officially join C/Can. One of the first key steps is to develop a comprehensive mapping of local stakeholders involved in the delivery of cancer care across all sectors. Discover our full process.

Do you have tips for developing a competitive application?

Check our checklist.

What is the difference between the early Expression of Interest deadline and the full application form?

Cities are invited to submit an online “Expression of Interest” (EoI) before the deadline of 1 Dec 2020. This EoI form is to be coordinated and submitted by local Civil Society organisations (only). Successful candidates will be sent an email and invited to complete a “full application” form by the deadline of 1 April 2021, providing further details, and including endorsement from other local stakeholders.

How is my application evaluated?

Applications are assessed against a core set of criteria reflected in the C/Can Checklist including in the areas of: local leadership and political commitment, partnerships, enabling policy environment and cancer care pillars.

What happens to cities who don’t make it past the first round? What feedback can I expect if my proposal is not selected?

Unsuccessful candidates will receive a communication with guidance on appropriate capacity building opportunities or other options for future engagement with C/Can.